Rose Parade

So rather than go to the actual parade in Pasedena, we went around 10pm the night before to see all the floats. There was very little rain and we felt bad for all the suckas who got drenched, haha. Anyway, the floats were amazing, everything covered in organic material. Leaves, flowers, beans, corn, fruit…you name it. My personal favorite was adobe made out of cinnamon oatmeal. It smelled great. Here is a picture of just one of the floats. We were able to get up really close so it was well worth it. And by the way, I did pick Texas to win…I’m a fan of the Big 12.


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Starting Back Up

So I promise that this will not become a once a month thing. I am now back at work in the old corporate offices of the major movie studio (hint: #1 this year in Box Office Draw). Besides my job, a lot of things have started up this past few weeks. My wife’s job, my job search, and even my son started a pre-school. After looking around forever, we found one right across the street which we like. It was pretty funny the first day to see my little Mormon boy, going to a conservative Jewish day care, with Armenian teachers and the Rabbi rockin’ out to snoop dog in the office. My wife was a little concerned that he would be getting some religious training, but the pre-school doesn’t teach religion. Also, I explained to her that I grew up learning about the Maccabees, and getting off school for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah, so her fears about possibly providing a future Bar Mitzvah were eased. Work has started slowly for me luckily, which gives me time to focus on finding another job…opps! Did I say that out loud?

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Long Time No See

So, the reason that I have not been writing for some time is that I have been on family leave since the beginning of November and am enjoying it way too much. I love being a father, I love watching my kids grow, I love how my first son (I shall refer to him as nugget from now on) imitates everything I say like “Mother of sin and death!” Believe me, coming from a two year old, it’s pretty funny. I love they way my new son (whom will be referred to hereafter as Bean) is so freakin’ pudgy that he has cellulite on his knees and laughs hysterically every time he sees me. Yeah, being a father was what I was meant to do. However, I know my reign as lord of the home will come to a close soon, either because I have to go back to work, or more accurately, I can’t do half as good a job as my beautiful wife. So, if I’m such a homebody, I guess I have no chance of ever breaking into an industry that requires 18 hour workdays….we shall see. Anyways, I know nobody really reads this but my Dad is narrowing his options for cancer treatment and is doing really well. I enjoyed Thanksgiving at my Wife’s Family in central Oregon, and all the throw up, diarrhea sickness that came with it. So that’s all for know as I am just getting my feet wet right now. One last shameless plug for my studio…. go buy The Polar Express; Kid’s love it (especially if like nugget, they are into trains) and it really is a pretty darn good movie.

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Rage, Rage…

Cancer is never a great diagnosis, and when it comes to someone so close to you it seems like you dwell on the little things in life a little more than you usually do. My Father was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive form of prostate cancer last week. He still has many years ahead of him and a lot of treatment possibilities, but it still angers me. I have been thinking about it a lot recently and am amazed at the amounts and ranges of my feelings towards it. My father has been my hero for as long as I can remember, always putting aside his best interest for his family or others. Unfortunately, karma seems to have always dealt him a little bad luck and this seems to be a trend in the same direction. He is reviewing options for treatment now and needs to make a decision as to how to tackle this thing. Yes, it is unfair, mean, horrible, tragic, sad and inconvenient but he so far has handled it with the grace and dignity that demonstrates why he is my hero. My dad has always been able to get back on his feet from any setback; including unemployment, brain surgeries, bankruptcy, moving etc. and this will be no different. I will be there to cheer him on.

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Earth, Mud, & Fire

So, there was a mudslide yesterday above out apartment and I didn’t even know about it. The video is pretty cool though. It’s because the fires have weakened the hillside so much. I wonder what’s next for our little village hamlet. Also, I warned you before that cuts and downsizing was coming to my movie studio. It looks like the mainstream media got a hold of it as well so I am sure I will be getting calls from my family wondering if my job is secure. Like I care. I’m off on Paternity leave in three weeks anyway. I great comment comes from a fellow worker who adds their two cents (in parenthesis) to one of the funniest paragraphs in the article about the budget cuts and layoffs:

“At Warner Bros., efficiency has been the watchword for months. Four months ago, Meyer and Horn held a three-day meeting with 95 top Warner Bros. executives at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point. (with rates starting at $395.00 per night x 95 x 2 nights = $75,050.00 + meals) There, the studio chiefs instructed their division heads to comb their 2006 budgets looking for ways to shave costs. What they came up with is under discussion.”

All Hail large corporations and big thinking!

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Blood and Bowling

I went bowling with my family for lunch break today. It was quite refreshing and fun. There is a bowling alley right down the street, and we were giving our son a reward for good behavior. I was amazed that he could bowl all by himself (with the help of those little bumper things). I also donated blood today. It is becoming quite routine for me, but I feel it’s my duty, as well as I get free cookies. They were putting together a pretty outrageous set for ‘ER’ where they are redoing all the facades and bringing in wrecked burning cars and plane wreckage to spruce up the place for some disaster. Pretty cool stuff. And…in Shark news, great whites go all the way.

October 11, 2005 at 4:39 pm 1 comment

Birthday Cuisine

My son; of the Blackfoot tribe. Actually, it’s just so cute when they get their newborn footprint stamp. I have found the true way to a woman’s heart is Root-Beer-Float Cake that you make from scratch. Working on it for two hours was well worth the reward. It looked really cool to boot. I consider my wife’s birthday a success because we got my 2 year old son to eat crawfish, crab and octopus at a Chinese restaurant. My wife’s parents are in town so I took them around the movie studio to see cool things being filmed. Unfortunately, the place is WAY busy right now and we could barely go anywhere because everything was off limits for filming. We did get to see George Lopez and Clint Eastwood walking around though. I guess I should look forward to these busy times however seeing as Hollywood is calling it quits.

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